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Western Sniper MOD APK v2.1.8 [Unlimited Money, NO ADS] Download

NameWestern Sniper Mod Apk
Size99 MB
GenreGame > Action
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UpdatedJune 21, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads

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This is kinda cowboy style of shooting game, Western Sniper is a very good combination of adventure and action games. This is a first-person shooting game. Kill the enemies in front of you and a victory over them to earn exciting gifs and rewards. If you are looking for Western Sniper MOD APK then from here you can download the modded version of this game for free with a ll the features unlocked and no ads.

Western Sniper is a very interesting shooting game, you’ve deadly weapons in your hand and there is only one goal that going on in your mind to kill all the enemies before they kill you. Most of the enemies don’t walk, they just stand in a position and just shoot from there so it becomes very easier to kill all of them but this game is not very easy, as the levels go up the obstacles will definitely become harder and harder.

Western Sniper MOD APK Logo

Western Sniper Mod APK

If you come here to download Western Sniper Mod APK then before you hit the download button, let’s learn what is the mod APK of this game and what is provides.

Western Sniper Mod APK is very similar to the original game but it has some advantages that you can’t get in the original version like you can get unlimited money, no ads and much more. All the features of the game and the mod APK has been described here in this article in brief.

Although the game is very good for time passing with enjoyment but it has some limitations that stop you to explore all the exciting adventures of this game and that’s what you have solved in the mod APK, we have broken all the limitations and make it unlimited. So, if you become sick and tired by earning a little amount of money and seeing lengthy ads then download the Western Sniper Mod APK and explore this game much better.

Western Sniper MOD APK 1

Western Sniper Mod APK Features

Western Sniper Mod Apk comes with lots of amazing and exciting features so, let’s discuss all the features of this game:

No Ads

In this game, if you want to get more rewards then you have to see ads and even when a fight end then an ad will pop up on the screen and you can’t cut the ads even you can’t skip most of the ads because these ads are un-skippable so if you also want to avoid advertisements with ease then download the Western Sniper Mod APK from our site and play the game without advertisements.

Unlimited Money

Money or dollar is the main currency of this game that you can use to purchase anything in this game that the game offers to purchase but this a limited currency and you can only get this currency by rewards. So, if you want or need more money in this game to purchase your favourite accessories, weapons, helmets, and more then then download Western Sniper Mod APK and get unlimited money for free.

Unlocked All Weapons

Weapons play a significant role in this game considering it a shooting game, the most important factor is a good weapon to kill an enemy with ease. There are various of weapons that this offers but to use these weapons you have to play this game mean that as you experience in the game increase the weapon will be unlocked to purchase but if you want to unlock all the weapons right away then you’ve to download the mod APK of this game to get all the weapons unlocked.

Kill The Enemies

Make use of your deadly snipers to attack the enemies and kill them. Hold on the screen to take a zoom look at the enemies secretly and fire on the head of them. These enemies just stand a positing and fire from that particular position so it is very easy to kill them but some enemies are very powerful they will die in a signal shoot even on Headshot and they also move to it become hard to kill such enemies but definitely, it is not improbable, you can kill all of them with ease by using your super powerful sniper gun.

Wild West Adventure

Think about the wild west and cowboy style of movies, so the Western Sniper game is just like that. The atmosphere of the fighting field is make you feels like a cowboy fighter and even all the enemies also wear hats. The game becomes addictive only with this kind of atmosphere that it creates while fighting.


The challenges will increase step by step so you also have to be very careful to face such a extreme obstacle, you have to upgrade yourself and your weapons. This game gives you an opportunity to upgrade the health of the characters to survive in longer run and also you can upgrade the reload speed of the gun and the aim speed.

Amazing Graphics, Sound, and GamePlay

The overall graphics and user experiences of this game is pretty decent because the game character is like a cartoon or anime so that is why this game is rated up to 4.4 out of 5.0 on the google play store. The sound effect is also very soothing and it creates a positive feeling whenever I listen to the music. You can only play this game on a portrait mode and it is also a good way to play a game.

FAQ For Western Sniper MOD APK

Is this game safe?

Yes, this western sniper mod apk is 100% safe and secure to play.

What is the graphics of this game?

Considering the game size, the graphics of this game very decent. The graphics doesn’t look realistic but very good.

Is this mod apk contain ads?

Hell no, The modded version of this game doesn’t contain advertisements.

End Words

This article is all about a very popular action game that is Western Sniper MOD APK so read this article very profoundly to get the complete information about this game and also the installation guide for the modded version this app has been written in this article.

Western Sniper is a shooting game with adventure and action so if you want the best combination of these genre then you should definitely check out this game. If you still have a query then please contact us and also tell us that how we can improve our content.

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Faily Brakes 2 MOD APK [V4.19] Download (All Unlocked/No Ads) 2021

NameFaily Brakes 2 MOD APK
Size121 MB
GenreGames > Arcade
Get it Ongoogle play store
UpdatedJune 9, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Ads

Faily Brakes 2 Game has no break in the car so there is no way to step back. This is not like the usual arcade or racing game this game is very unique with a very unique concept. The car speed will increase and there is no break in the car to reduce the speed and you’ve to defend your car in crowded areas or even in the jungle. If you are a player of this game and you’re reaching for Faily Brakes 2 Mod APK then here we’ve shared the modded version of Faily Brakes 2 comes with so many extra advantages that explained in this post.

There are so many obstacles that you’ve to face before you reach the end goal. The locations where you have to drive are also very arduous because sometimes you have to drive in a jungle and even in a crowded city area and also the weather will be changed whenever you start the game.

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Faily Brakes 2 MOD APK

In Faily Brakes 2, you have so many cars that you can choose and equip to play with your favorite car but the issue is that all these cars are unlocked and you have only one car for free at the beginning of this game which is a very basic car. The Faily Brakes 2 Mod Apk is the modded version of this game that has tonnes of additional features like unlimited money, free shopping, unlocked all cars, and more.

The original version of this game contains ads which is really irritating and not only this the in-game currency is also very limited in the game that is the reason thousands of people are searching for Faily Brakes 2 Mod Apk so that they can get unlimited money and also get rid of advertisements.

What Faily Brakes 2 Mod APK Offers

The Faily Brakes 2 is very amazing car racing and arcade game and it has so many features and some of the significant features has been disclosed below so, read it very profoundly:

Defend your Car

In Faily Brakes 2 game, the brakes are not able to access so the car speed will increase as you go further on the racing track, and at such high speed, you have to defend your car from crashing and cover the highest distance you can and if the car crashed or damage entirely then the game will be over.

Faily Brakes 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Car Collection

Faily Brakes 2 is a car racing game so it is obvious that you’ll get tonnes of cars and vehicles and you can choose the car you want to drive before you start the race, just go to the garage and you can see all of your car collection in 3D style means that you can swipe your finger on the car to change the viewing angles. You can equip any one of them and drive with that car.

Customize Vehicle

A powerful vehicle is very important for this game because I’ve told you that there is no break in any car of this game. You have to make your vehicle powerful so that car survives more damage and lives longer. You can customize your car and make it looks totally different, you can change wheels, antenna, plates, boosters, and exhaust. You can also paint the car and make it look as you wish but if you haven’t seen any paints then the paints and all the vehicle customization are locked and to unlock it all, you’ve to download the modded version of this game from this site and then you can customize your vehicle freely.

Faily Brakes 2 MOD APK Download

Graphics, Gameplay & Controls

The graphics of this game very great considering an arcade game, it has a very good style of graphics. The car and character look very bright and the location also looks very decent as well. The gaming experience is also pretty good, this game is not boring at all. Playing this game is really fun. The controls of this game are not as good as it should be but you can be use-to when you play this game for at least a week.


The driver that operates the car is the main character of this game and this game also has an option that you can use to change the look of the driver. Just go to the costume section and you can see that so many costumes are there and you can choose your favorite one. But if you are using the original version of this game (play store version) then instead of costumes you’ll see ‘?’ icon that means these costumes is not unlock yet so if you want to unlock all these costumes then you have to download the Faily Brakes 2 Mod Apk and get all the costumes unlocked for free.

No brakes

Faily Brakes 2 – The car Crashing Game has no brakes and all the cars come with failed brakes so you can’t reduce the speed. This is the challenge in this game and you have to accept it that the speed of the car increases and you have no option to control it, you can just move the car left or right, you can access brakes.


Is Faily Brakes 2 Mod APK safe to play?

Yes, 100% safe! the modded version of Faily Brakes 2 is fully safe and secure. There is no issue, virus or malware in this game.

Does this mod APK work on all android devices?

If your android device’s version is 6.0 and above then Faily Brakes 2 Mod Apk will work properly.

How to download and install Faily Brakes 2 Mod Apk?

To install Faily Brakes 2 Mod APK follow these given steps:

Step 1: Download the mod APK.

Step 2: Allow the unknown sources for applications install on your device.

Step 3: Install Faily Brakes 2 Mod Apk and Enjoy all the mod features like unlimited money and unlocked all cars.

is Faily Brakes 2 Mod Apk Contain Ads?

Unlike the original version of this game, the modded version has no ads and all the ad-code has been removed form this game.


Faily Brakes 2 is one of the most popular car crashing games in the legendary arcade style of graphics so if you are an arcade game lover then definitely you are going to love this game a lot. Download Faily Brakes 2 Mod APK From here ( and get unlimited money, unlocked all cars, and more. All the installation guide and features of this game has been explained in this article in detail so read this article and then take an action

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Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin V1.5.5 (MOD, Unlimited Money) Download

NameHit Master 3D Mod Apk
Size72 MB
GenreGame > Action
Get it Ongoogle play store
UpdatedMay 26, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Hit Master 3D Mod APK: Are you also a big fan of the Bond series, and spying, thrill, and action, etc., are things you admired the most? As we all are the responsible citizens of our respective countries, it might be possible to never encounter anything near it in real life. 

But you can live one of your idol’s lives on virtual platforms such as video games, where you have the command of your life in your hand. There are different games available with different features. You can go for anyone according to the features you desire. For that, you will see a long list on the web.

Becoming the hero of your choice might be out of your pocket money sometimes. Here we have Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin, which is free of cost to download. Read the full article to know more.

What is Hit Master 3D Mod APK

Are you not into guns but still want to play something thrilling? The Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin is just what you want. Be a rescuer, fight bad guys, and win levels without dealing with the stuff you don’t understand because all you have to do is throw knives.

But how can throwing knives be that exciting? Throwing knives is only the way how you kill the bad guys. In this game, you will be facing different enemies of different sizes, and they would be armed. Plan your best to spy and save lives, get them to the helicopter, and be undefeatable. This epic battle will give you an experience like never before. In case of any doubts, you can also read all the reviews that our users have blessed us with.

Cool right? Check it now by yourself. All you have to do is go to the play store in case you own an android or app store for your iPhone and download the Hit Master 3D: knife Assassin, it’s a free app. Just an app of 48 MB will give access to countless opportunities.

Hit Master 3D Mod APK GamesBuz 1

Action-packed Games

Video games are the ultimate way to escape reality. It’s a break from the daily 9 to 5 schedule, and you can be in a world you want to be in. All the action, thrill, and excitement that a common life lacks can be within your reach. 

If a world filled with action, thrill, and some spying is what you want, then our hit Master 3D: knife Assassin is the right escape route for you. Download it right away!

3D graphics

The real game appears the better one feels to play, hit Master 3D mod apk comes with 3D graphics and in-game full view experience so that you will enjoy the time you are investing to its fullest as well as seeing something pleasing your eyes.

Fun & Action

Hit Master 3D: knife Assassin is not just about knives, it is about how you survive and fight in extreme conditions. You have to scratch your head a few times to come up with a plan that saves lives. Get ready to test your accuracy, decision-making ability, and quick reflexes. You will find out long will you be able to keep with all these while facing enemies one after another. 

Hit Master 3D Mod APK GamesBuz 2

Easy interface

Hit Master 3D: Knife Assassin comes with an easy deal with interface. We know your time is precious; we aim to be the game that you play whenever you get a small break, just focus on planning, spying, and saving people. There is no need to get confused about how to do it. 

With our easy interface, it will be your advantage to be the great assassin. If you are looking for something more complicated, then HIt Master 3D: knife Assassin might not be for you.

Intuitive Control

While playing Hit Master 3D: knife Assassin, you have to put yourself on intuitive mode. You can be ambushed anytime. So, letting go of your guards is not a wise choice at any time. Always remember that there are people you need to rescue. 

By all these, you will get a step closer to the reality behind being a cool spy that everyone admires on the big screen.

End Words

Hit Master 3D Mod APK is a game full of thrill, action, Special mission, and whatnot. It comes with an attractive display, easy to go interface, interesting levels. Try it today to get into the world of spies dealing with hundreds of enemies, saving lives, and becoming a savior. Pass your spare time in completing one of your dreams in virtual reality. See the world with different perspectives after improving your reflexes, analyzing ability, and inclined coordination with your intuition. Here, I have shared the complete information about this app so please read it very carefully but if you still have some queries regarding Hit Master 3D MOD Apk then you can ask your questions in the comment section so I will reply as soon as possible.

Arcade Games

Join Blob Clash 3D Mod Apk V0.1.2 (Unlimited Money) Download

NameJoin Blob Clash 3D Mod Apk
Size82 MB
GenreGames > Arcade
Get it Ongoogle play store
UpdatedMay 31, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Join Blob Clash 3D Mod Apk: Games and methods of gaming have been evolved in recent years. Like if we talk about past days there were only limited games and that too was played on a field. But today almost no one of us has got that much time goes out and play. And thus this evolution seemed to life-changing and it came up to games that can be played on your smartphones. And you don’t need to go anywhere and you simply pick up your phone and start gaming. You can play a wide variety of 3D and high-end games that was not possible certain years ago. And you need big and heavy devices like the PC and PlayStation to play this kind of game but now you can simply enjoy it on your phone.

This evolution in gaming technology came up with the help of advanced gaming technology. Advanced gaming technology also contributed to the making of new and more stable mobile games. Like, join blob clash 3D is one of the most popular mobile games on the web. The game is so interesting and provides you an immersive gaming experience. Thus the game has managed to secure more than 1 million downloads on this website gamesbuz.

What is Join Blob Clash 3D Mod Apk

The web is full of numerous exciting games and choosing one out of that is a difficult task. And thus many people face confusion in selecting a game from the numerous available options. The process of selecting a game from the numerous available options from the web is quite a lengthy and time-consuming process and thus many people avoid this. However, you can skip this time-consuming process just by looking at the number of downloads and positive user reviews of the game. But if you want to skip this process too then you can simply download the blob clash 3D.

It is one of the most interesting games that you could find on the web. The game uses 3D technology and thus creates colorful 3D characters which you can explore in the game. In this game, you need to join a clash of these 3D characters and it is complete fun. The game uses AI and hence makes these games even better and provides an engaging gaming experience. Apart from this, the best part of this game is that it supports almost all operating systems and thus you can simply run this game on your existing device without upgrading to a new one. Thus this game is better than the other games in almost every aspect.


Join Blob Clash 3D Mod Apk 1

Survival Game

It is one of the most unique features that you could find in any game. The game comes with a variety of gaming modes and you can select anyone from it. But the survival game is one of the best gaming modes of this game. In this mode, you need to survive from a mob in a clash and the one who survives wins the game.

Challenging Level

Numerous challenging levels adds a thrill to a game and thus this game comes with numerous challenging levels. You need to compete in these levels one by one. The difficulty of these levels increases continuously and provides a better gaming experience.

Dangerous Traps

The game comes with traps in which your hero can be caught thus you need to be precise while playing. It is one of the unexpected features that you get in this game and is mostly loved by gamers.

Customize Your Character

The game comes with numerous characters that you can select in this game. There are lots of characters available in this game that you can select from the game itself. You can even customize a character on your own. Thus features add a personalization touch to the game and make it more interesting.

Colorful Graphics

Graphics are very important in a game and determines the picture quality in a game and thus this game uses 3D colorful graphics. These 3D colorful graphics provides a better picture quality and makes this game even more attractive.

Smooth Controls

Controls can be a deciding factor in your win and thus it needs to be precise and smooth. Thus the game comes with smooth controls that provide you better control over the game and even increases your chances of winning.


The join clash blob 3D is one of the interesting 3D games out there on the web. The game is completely ad-free and provides an uninterrupted gaming experience. The best part of the game is that it is completely free and doesn’t even cost a single penny. So download it today!

Action Games

I The One MOD APK v2.0.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Everything) Download

NameI The One Mod APK
Size59 MB
GenreGame > Action
Get it Ongoogle play store
UpdatedMay 31, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlocked Everything

What is I The One Mod APK

I The One Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No Ads) – Get up yourself and be ready for a fight with not only a single opponent with the abundance of opponents or players. All these players are fighting with each and every player who standing forward to them. Here, I gonna share with you I the one mod apk with unlimited money, virtual bucks, and unlock all characters, remove ads for free. So click on the download button and start playing the i the one mod apk.

Key Features:

Boxing and MMA Move: There is an abundance of boxing and Mixed martial arts moves that are made in use in this game. It automatically uses random moves, so you don’t need to worry about lots of controls and buttons.

Easy Controls: The most important things in this game that is controlling because the controls are tremendously easy to access all the option that offered in I the one game. Mainly there are two buttons in this game place in the left and right side and the first button is for moving your character forwards, backward, left, and right. The second button is for the combat to the opponent.

Multiplayers Fight: Make no mistake about it, this game is not a single opponent fighting game with which you have only one opponent in the match. This is a multiplayer fighting game where you can fight with multiplayer boxers.

Upgrade The Fighter: You also have the option where you can upgrade your fighter or boxer. There is almost 21 boxers available in the latest version of this game and you can switch yourself to any one of these boxers but for that, you need to unlock them first. Using virtual bucks and then you can equip any boxer from this game.

Easy to Rotate: This is the best part of this game that you can rotate it in any mode which you want. if your hands are small and you did not feel comfortable with landscape mode, so you easily switch this game to portrait mode and vice versa.

I The One MOD APK Download

Customize The Boxer

There are lots of features offered in this game only for customization of the boxer. In fact, there is an integrated option in this game with which you can customize your boxer outfit like you can wear gloves, helmets, caps, vests, and many more things present in this game only for customization. Always remember that all of these customization features are only for your boxer looks, it doesn’t affect your boxer’s ability and power.

I The One MOD APK Unlimited Money

Ultimate Boxing Moves

As I told you, there are amazing boxing moves in this game that you can make in use to destroy your opponent and fall them down onto the top. All the fighting moves are taken from boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). Also, there are normal hooks and jabs move present. All the moves have their specific power and damage that you can give to your opponent and it also depends on how much perfectly you point the move to your opponent.

I The One MOD APK Unlimited Money Download

Graphic and Gameplay

in terms of graphics, so considering the game size, the graphics is very decent all the characters are looking good and the quality is also pretty well and in terms of sound effects, so the sounds are awesome you can also hear the girls sound if you beat them and just like that you can also hear the boys sound if you beat them. If we are talking about the gameplay, so as you know this is a very lightweight game. in fact, you can play this game in 1GB RAM smartphone easily without any lag or frame drop.

I The One MOD APK Unlimited Money

Play With Your Favorite Hero

There are so many heroes available in this game. If you like to talk in stats so i would like to tell you that there are 21 powerful heroes present in it that have their own abilities, strength and power. You can simple download our i the one mod apk and then you will get unlimited money and virtual bucks then you can unlock all the heroes for free and them.


Q1 – Is I The One is an Online Game?

Ans: No, this is a truly offline game that you can play without using an internet connection. But if you using the internet so this game shows some ads. If you want to revive yourself so you need to turn on the internet and only then you can revive yourself by seeing the ads.

Q2 – Can i MOD I The One Game?

Ans: Yes, you can easily mod this game just by install our mod apk. On, you can easily mod any game like i the one game. You only need to find the download button and then click on it to download our i the one mod apk and that’s it, you modded this game.

Q3 – Is it Worth Buying I The One Virtual Bucks?

Ans: It entirely depends on you! if you have lots of money and you like you waste your money on a game so you can easily spend your money in this game. But if you are one of those men who don’t have enough money to spend in a game, so don’t be desperate because here you can download our mod apk with unlimited virtual bucks for free.

Q5 – Can I play this game with friends?

No, You cannot able to play this game with friends or anyone else because this game is not made for this. Maybe, in feature update, this feature shall be available. But as of now, you can’t play this game with your friends.